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Our Mission

MIR Engineering is:
·    Committed to meeting client deadlines and budgets
·    Structured to provide fast, efficient and cost effective engineering services
·    Dedicated to use the most recent technology in the practice of Engineering


The firm provides services in the following fields of Structural and Civil Engineering including: 

·    Structural building audit.

·    General structural design.

·    Infrastructure and heavy industrial building’s design.

·    Retrofit and Rehabilitation.

·    Computer aided design and drafting.

·    Feasibility studies, Contract Document preparation and Construction Supervision.

·    Forensic Engineering including document preparation for retrofitting and rehabilitation.

·    Shop Drawing review and Construction Supervision.

·    Site Review, Peer Review and QA/QC. 


The principal of the firm have more than 50 years’ combined experience in the following fields of engineering: 

·   Building structural design for Commercial/Industrial and Residential Buildings.  Rehab and retrofit of existing buildings for client such as TTC, AECL, GM Canada, Ontario Hydro, Oxford Property and private sectors. 

·   Underground Structures structural design and rehabilitation of various existing structures for client such as TTC.  Structural design and contract admin for Underground Chambers and Pump Stations for various cities in GTA.   Structural design and site review of deep shafts and tunnels for client such as Hydro One and Enwave Energy Corporation.  

·   Heavy Industrial Plants structural design and site review for GM Canada, various Plants, Oshawa, Dailmer Chrysler, Windsor, Ontario Hydro, Lakeview Thermal Oxidation Facility, Mississauga, Lambton Thermal Plant, Precipitator Facility, Sarnia, Ontario. 

·  Health Industry providing structural design and site review for Toronto General Hospital, Project 2001, Seismic Reinforcement of Gerard Wings, Retrofit of the Birthing Center with the addition of a Mechanical Penthouse, Scarborough General Hospital.  Contract Admin for and engineering for MRI units and suspended Gamma Camera for Sunnybrook Hospital. 

·  Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants various structural design for Waste Water Treatment Plant, for client such as Ashbridges Bay Wastwater Treatment Plant, Toronto, ON. Niagara Falls Water Treatment Plant, Niagara Falls, USA. 

·  Hydro Electric Power Plants structural design of concrete water retaining structure such as concrete retaining walls, concrete weir, intake structure, cofferdam, culvert and sluicegate for Ontario Hydro.

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